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Cut N Polish + Interior Mini Detail in Melbourne

At TED Car Detailing, our mission is to rejuvenate your car’s appearance, scent, and performance. Choose our signature ‘cut n polish + interior mini detail’ package for a comprehensive car makeover. This package is ideal for individuals who want a refreshed and pleasant driving experience. It has many benefits, including meticulous removal of scratches and swirl marks, paint protection, and a polished exterior.
Our team will expertly handle interior cleaning and provide a detailed exterior treatment to ensure your car looks aesthetic and feels as good as new. It is the best choice for individuals seeking external rejuvenation and interior cleanliness for their vehicles at an affordable price. Trust us with your car’s transformation through our detailing services.

Cut and Polish
Say goodbye to stubborn scratches! At TED Car Detailing, we are experts in cut and polish services for car restoration and to breathe new life into your vehicle. Our team skillfully removes a thin transparent coat layer in the cut and polish process to restore your car’s original shine. With extensive experience, our cut and polish technique works like magic, erasing 60-70% of light scratches and swirl marks from your car’s surface. Our attention to even the minutest details ensures a lasting and showroom-quality finish.

Interior Mini Detailing
During the interior mini-detailing process, our skilled cleaners perform thorough vacuuming and expert cleaning and polishing of trims and plastics. Witness a surprising transformation in your car’s interior after hiring us. We carefully clean and pay attention to every corner to ensure a fresh and inviting interior. Trust TED Car Detailing for an interior that looks good and feels fantastic!

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Following are our convenient cut and polish + interior mini detail services designed for vehicle care:






Pet hair removal, red dirt removal, and cleaning cars in severe bad condition may result in additional charges. Any extra services are subject to additional fees.


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