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Cut and Polish In Melbourne

At TED Car Detailing, our experts revive shine and erase nasty scratches through effective cut and polish services. We have years of mastery in car detailing services, so we can elevate your car’s appearance to make it look brand new. The cut and polish service involves the process of specific compound application to remove 60-70% of light scratches and swirl marks from the car. We are the best in Melbourne due to our attention to detail and commitment to perfection. So, trust our services; we guarantee long-lasting, showroom-quality results. 

Cut and polish service is highly recommended to meticulously restore shine and eliminate minor swirls and scratches from well-maintained paintwork. It enhances the overall aesthetic of your car by delivering a smooth, long-lasting, and light-reflective finish. 

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How Do We Perform Cut and Polish Services?

At TED Car Detailing, our expert technique of cutting and polishing brings out the shine your vehicle deserves. Our experienced team understands that achieving the ultimate shine requires cut and polish services, not just waxing.
Cut and polish services at TED Car Detailing begin with the removal of an extremely fine layer of clear coat using premium cutting and polishing compounds. This process eradicates fine swirls and scratches and flattens the paint surface. The scratches are more apparent in dark-colored cars and become highly visible in direct sunlight.
Your car is then prepared for cut and polish through a thorough hand wash with biodegradable pH-neutral shampoo and a clay bar treatment to remove oxidation, industrial fallout, metallic fallout, and brake dust. In the next step, the car’s surface is buffed to remove swirls and light scratches using top-notch and effective cutting compounds.
For the finishing touch, we are equipped with the right compounds and polishes for a flawless result. Whether your car has a soft coat, making it easier to remove defects, or a clear coat with ceramic particles that is scratch-resistant, we have the right equipment to deliver the best results.
Our main goal at TED Car Detailing is to use the right products, effective techniques, and equipment for cut and polish services. We have the best team in Melbourne that achieves the ideal finish without causing any damage. Choose Car Detailing Melbourne for a spotless and classy finish!


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